Vincent Chov

A Software Engineer looking to fill in the gaps of your CS curriculum!

My background

I'm a Software Engineer working in the Aerospace industry in the Hartford, CT area. I graduated with a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering (University of Connecticut, May 2017).

I'm an avid hackathon attendee who enjoys coding in Python and quickly learning and applying new technologies. In my free time, I enjoy dancing East Coast Swing and spend too much of my free time looking at pictures of cute animals (especially of my pet bunny)!

Why am I writing this blog?

In this blog, I hope to document my experiences as a new graduate as well as my experience with my first full-time position. It'll cover some of the things I wish I knew when I was still in college. Also, I'll do my best to point you to resources that I found helpful in my projects and help fill in the gaps that might have made it tough for me to follow along with them.

Some assumptions I'm making about you

I will assume you have taken a beginner Computer Science or programming class and feel decently comfortable in front of a Linux terminal, or are at least know enough to get by and be able to read guides when you're not sure how to do something. Since I use Debian, any of my technical guides will assume you're using Debian or a Debian derivative like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. If you're new to Linux, I recommend Linux Mint!